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Funds Detail

BL American Small + Mid Caps

Equity funds

Data as of 22/06/2022

Risk level

Recommended investment horizon : > 10 years


Average annual performance since launch 10,64 %

Performance as at 22/06/2022

201927,09 %
202026,28 %
202122,20 %
Since 01/01/2022-25,52 %
Over the last 12 months-17,75 %
Over 3 years23,86 %
Since launch95,00 %


Investment objective and policy

The objective of the fund is to generate long-term capital gains by investing primarily in quality American small and mid-cap companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage. Companies with a market capitalisation of less than $25 billion are considered for investment. The fund aims to generate higher risk-adjusted returns than its benchmark universe over a full market cycle. The fund manager implements an active strategy based on solid convictions.

General information

Net Asset Value 
Calculated Every business day
NAV class B capitalisation shares (22/06/2022)195,61 USD
CODESISIN capitalisation code : LU1305478775
WKN capitalisation code : A1421A
Net assets (million)582,96 USD
Launch date13/11/2015

Asset Publisher

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