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Overview of our investment funds’ ISIN codes.

ISIN code Capitalisation shares ISIN code Distribution shares
BL American Smaller Companies LU1305478775 /
BL Bond Dollar LU0093570926 LU0093570843
BL Bond Emerging Markets Dollar LU1305479401 LU1305479310
BL Bond Emerging Markets Euro LU1008595487 /
BL Bond Emerging Markets Euro LU1008595214 LU1008595057
BL Bond Euro LU0093570769 LU0093570686
BL Emerging Markets LU0887931029 /
BL Emerging Markets LU0309192036 LU0309191905
BL Equities America LU0093570256 LU0439764944
BL Equities Asia LU1008593946 LU1008593862
BL Equities Asia LU1008594084 /
BL Equities Dividend LU0751781666 /
BL Equities Dividend LU0309191657 LU0309191491
BL Equities Europe LU0093570330 LU0439765081
BL Equities Japan LU0578148453 LU0578147992
BL Equities Japan LU0887931292 /
BL European Family Businesses LU1305479237 /
BL European Family Businesses LU1305479153 /
BL European Smaller Companies LU0832875438 LU0832875354
BL Fund Selection 0-50 LU0430649086 /
BL Fund Selection 50-100 LU0135981693 /
BL Fund Selection Alternative Strategies LU1526088379 /
BL Fund Selection Equities LU0135980968 /
BL Global 30 LU0048292394 LU0048291826
BL Global 50 LU0048292808 LU0048292634
BL Global 75 LU0048293368 LU0048293285
BL Global Bond Opportunities LU0093569910 LU0093569837
BL Global Equities LU0117287580 LU0439764787
BL Global Flexible EUR LU0211340665 LU0211339816
BL Global Flexible USD LU0578147729 /
BL Sustainable Horizon LU0093570173 /