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BL Fund Selection Equities SRI

Equity fund of funds

Data as of 30/05/2023

Risk level

Recommended investment horizon : > 10 years


Average annual performance since launch 4,52 %

Performance as at 30/05/2023

202013,65 %
202111,23 %
2022-15,58 %
Since 01/01/20236,06 %
Over the last 12 months1,74 %
Over 3 years16,42 %
Since launch160,50 %


Investment objective and policy

The fund aims to generate capital appreciation over a long-term investment horizon. The net assets of this fund have a minimum 75% exposure to equity markets and are invested without geographic, sector or currency restrictions, mainly in UCITS and other UCIs. The remaining assets may be invested in bond UCIs, cash or any type of transferable securities listed or traded on a regulated market. The emphasis is on international diversification of investments and flexibility in the fund's potential themes and sectors.

General information

Net Asset Value 
Calculated Every business day
NAV class B capitalisation shares (30/05/2023)260,50 EUR
CODESISIN capitalisation code : LU0135980968
WKN capitalisation code : 762210
SICOVAM capitalisation code : 509654
Net assets (million)89,57 EUR
Launch date03/10/2001