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We use a research methodology and solid asset management approach that has stood the test of time. The fund universe offers a great deal of variety for the fund of funds manager to exploit.

Our methodology

Portfolio construction requires a rigorous approach to equity allocation, the cornerstone being the adage: ‘The price paid determines the return.’

Four performance drivers

Equity funds

  •   Geographic diversification
  •   Management style
  •   Capitalisation
  •   Thematic 
  •   Sector-based 

Bond funds

  •   From money market to convertible bonds
  •   Direct lines if required

Decorrelated absolute return funds

  •   Target annual returns of around 3 % to 5 %
  •   Replace bonds in a low interest rate environment

Directional absolute return funds

  •   Control volatility but depend on market trends
  •   Useful for adding performance without too much volatility

Our team of analysts, specialised in analysing third-party funds, use qualitative and quantitative criteria to independently – without any constraints – research and select the best funds worldwide.

The team

The team consists of analysts and fund managers whose main role is to provide investors with a research and management service totally dedicated to external funds. Drawing on its independence and expertise, this team conducts quantitative and qualitative analyses to define the ‘personality’ of the funds under review and identify those best corresponding to the requirements of our clients and our portfolios.

Investment universe

The team covers all major asset classes: equities, bonds, money markets, commodities, currencies and absolute return strategies. The only exclusions are private equity and hedge funds where the lack of transparency, liquidity and sometimes simplicity runs counter to the principles of prudence historically deployed by BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments.

BL Fund Selection: funds of funds which bring together the best expertise

Our BL Fund Selection funds of funds enable clients to invest in funds identified by our selection process, in a range tailored to different risk profiles. Our team of analysts, specialised in analysing third-party funds, use qualitative and quantitative criteria to independently research and select the most appropriate funds from all over the world. The proportion of the different financial instruments (equity funds, bond funds etc.) is actively managed and adjusted according to market conditions.


  •   Analysis of track record over a long period in different market configurations
  •   Performance consistency
  •   Fund volatility and maximum loss


  •   Management style and methodology
  •   Clarity of investment policy
  •   Stability and quality of their management teams
  •   Portfolio construction
  •   Asset size
  •   Risk control
  •   Cost structure

If you would like more information

Fanny Nosetti-Perrot
Chief Executive Officer