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Our vision

Business-Like Investing

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our philosophy and our convictions remain unchanged: our investment approach relies on active management. For us, buying the shares of a company means taking a long-term stake in that company. We are looking for companies with a sustainable competitive advantage and try to buy these companies at a price below their intrinsic value.

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Guy Wagner

BLI’s Managing Director
And fund manager of BL Global Flexible

Our fund

BL Global Flexible is one of our flagship funds. It aims to generate an attractive long-term inflation-adjusted return through active and flexible asset allocation and benchmark-independent stock selection.

The fund manager aims to combine asset classes that are normally decorrelated or negatively
correlated. He focuses on:

In an environment characterised by economic growth

Companies with a high return on capital employed

We are looking for companies with a sustainable competitive advantage that generate an above-average return on capital employed and high free cash flows. These companies usually have a strong balance sheet and create long-term value for their shareholders.

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Government bonds
In an environment characterised by weakening growth and deflationary risks
In an environment characterised by geopolitical risks and low real interest rates
Our know-how

BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments has proven experience
in fund management in three key areas:
Equities, bonds and multi-asset strategies.

We manage a range of over 30 investment funds, with assets under management totalling 12.96 billion euros at 31 August 2020.

Charlotte Boon

Sales Manager Belgium

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Charles-Antoine Poupel

Sales Manager France

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William Millet

Sales Manager France

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Lutz Overlack

Head of Sales DACH

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Melanie Rogoll

Sales Manager Germany

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Dirk Böckenholt

Dirk Böckenholt

Senior Sales Manager Germany

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